Vision & Mission

Our Mission

We aim at Sama Kingdom Holding Group to actively contribute to meeting the needs of the local market in Saudi Arabia and to find suitable job opportunities for the national cadres according to the available activities, while adopting the latest international standards regarding the quality of services and products provided by the Group.

Our Vision

Lead the way in supporting government and private projects through the various activities of the group by providing the best solutions and services to keep pace with the vision of the Kingdom 2030

About Kingdom Sama Holding Group

Sama Kingdom Trading Company was established in 2008, where it started with commercial undertakings, supplies and government tenders. It achieved many successes in this field and was able to win supply contracts for several government sectors. Asphalt derivatives and refining of industrial oils with an area of more than 5,000 m2 in the second industrial zone in Riyadh, thanks to Allah, obtained the Saudi Ministry of Transport's approvals in all its projects within the Kingdom. Sama Kingdom Holding Group was established. :

  1. Sama Bit Factory (strong infrastructure supporting 2030)
  2. Al-Meera Company (tender and subsistence)
  3. Sama Group Kingdom Holding Company (multiple options and guaranteed quality)
  4. Sama Transport Company (superiority and diversity of logistic support)


Sama Bit Factory

1. Modified asphalt products
Product Category
Modified Bitumen 64-10H
70-10 S
70-10 H
70-10 V
70-10 E
76-10 S
76-10 H
76-10 V
82-10 S
82-10 H
Cutback Bitumen MC of all types
RC of all types
2. Oil refinery products
Product Category
Recycle base oils Base oil SN500
Base oil SN300
Base oil SN150
Lube oils Petrol/diesel
Industrial oils Gears / Hydraulic

3.Innovative Materials for road and soil applications

These are general purpose additives that powerfully binds soil particles into a hardened and moisture resistant.

Types of materials
  1. Top Seal white
    1. - A practical alternative to asphalt layers
    2. - Soil stabilizer
    3. - Eliminates dust and pollution resulting
    4. - Prevent erosion and cracking of dirt layers
  2. Top Seal Black
    1. - Makes a proper asphalt replacement layer for non paved roads
  3. Terra Fog
    1. - Treats and maintain the cracks in the virtual asphalt layers
  4. Terra Prime
    1. - High quality and low cost replacement for MC material
Al Meera Trading Company
  1. Import and trade of foodstuffs of all kinds
  2. Import and trade of luxuries and cosmetics
  3. Import, Export & Marketing Vegetables, Fresh & Frozen Fruits, Meat & Coolers
  4. Provision of subsidies for government and private sector requirements of foodstuffs
  5. Supply of food, vegetables and fruits for hotels and restaurants
  6. Supporting charities by providing food baskets

The company has supplied quantities of food supplies to the Ministry of Interior for the project of food baskets for martyrs of the duty and to contribute in humanitarian and relief work.

Sama Group Holding Company
  1. Import and export of foodstuffs of all kinds
  2. Wholesale trade in food
  3. Packing and packaging of foodstuffs
  4. Production of healthy water and beverages
  5. Operation and management of food markets

The company operated the commercial complex in the National Guard Housing City in the Eastern Province

Sama Transport Company

Sama Transport Company has a fleet of modern tankers and six-wheel drive trucks that guarantee the arrival of materials for all regions in the Kingdom.

  1. Refrigerators and refrigerators Transport and distribution of foodstuffs of all sizes::
    • Cooled buses
    • Trucks 4 tons - 8 tons - 12 tons - 30 tons
  2. Structures and transfer curtains
    • Trucks 4 tons - 8 tons - 12 tons - 30 tons
  3. Fuel tanks (petrol - diesel)
    • Trucks 4 tons - 8 tons - 12 tons - 30 tons
  4. Asphalt tanks
    • Trucks equipped with heating equipment to ensure the arrival of asphalt materials for the mixers required heat (trucks 25 tons - 30 tons)
Some projects implemented:
  1. Transport and distribution of relief materials belonging to the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Affairs
  2. Transport and distribution of relief materials belonging to the UAE Red Crescent Society
  3. The refrigerated transport project to manage the supply of health affairs in Hafr Al Batin governorate
  4. Project of the transfer and distribution of fuel to the coalition forces in the Republic of Yemen
  5. Transfer and delivery of asphalt derivatives to the southern boundary project of the Ministry of Interior in the Empty Quarter

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